Latest hyip news digest march 05 2018

Top performers are going to be rewarded. Moreover, all new deposits are credited with extra +5% bonus. As for the prizes for the winners, here they are:

for the place N1: 2000$
for the place N2: 1600$
for the place N3: 1400$
for the place N4: 1200$
for the place N5: 1000$
for the place N6: 800$
for the place N7: 600$
for the place N8: 400$
for the place N9: 200$
for the place N10: 100$

The contest will run for a whole month until 31 of March. There is only one rule for the participants: Only Active referrals are going to be counted, those have made deposits. The IP addresses will be checked to eliminate and block fake accounts. The prizes will be paid between 1-5 of April directly to your Crypto-Emerald Co. Ltd account balance.

Profitable Morrows now has an official Telegram group. This is the place where you can read latest news and updates and share your overall experience you have with the project. Here is the address to join the Telegram group:

This time period was very eventful, although not always for the better. Profitable Morrows managed to overcome these hurdles and become stronger and better able to handle future challenges in the future. The investment program is getting improved day by day. Profitable Morrows is now proud to serve over 36,000 clients across the globe, working hard to achieve the best results for your investments. A lot of time has been put into improving the customer service as well.

The UniqueSequenceInc project has been launched lately. To attract more interest from the investors a new system of bonuses and rewards has been developed. Now everyone can receive extra money reward for simple actions aimed at wider promotion of the investment platform! To celebrate first days of spring another promo campaign has been launched. Invest from 100$ and receive +15% to deposit! The Action is valid on March 1-10! Bonus shall be charged within 24 hours from the moment of adding funds.

Bitify Limited is gradually expanding the language functionality. So, as of recently, the website of the project s fully available in Russian for numerous Russian-speaking investors. Also a Russian version of the video presentation about the company has been added as well as promo materials have been translated and found on the "Promo materials" page in the Personal Account. Earlier the "Reviews" page has been added, where anyone is welcome to share the opinion about Bitify Limited and assess the quality of the project.

NobleDDoS recently added to HyipNews goes on adding foreign languages. Now the site is available in Spanish. In total there are seven localizations available. One can choose the language in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the website.

Mar 7th, 2018 09:56:52

Paypal to speed up crypto payments

PayPal is in the process of creating its own system of instant crypto-currency payments. The processing giant PayPal is working on its own system of crypto-currency payments, which should increase the speed of transactions. Information on the relevant patent application appeared on the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The document entitled "Expedited Virtual Currency Transaction System" describes the method for implementing crypto-currency payments by transferring special private keys between the seller and the buyer.

The main goal of the new system is to shorten the time required to confirm transactions and the emergence of a new unit on the network. For this, PayPal developers propose to use so-called secondary electronic wallets with their own set of unique private keys for buyers and sellers. The system will generate and transfer the keys to which the required amount is tied in one or another crypto currency.

These systems and methods virtually exclude the time during which the recipient must wait to ensure that he has received payment in virtual currency. This is achieved by the transfer of private keys that are included in the purses of the virtual currency and are associated with the predefined amounts of the virtual currency equal to the payment amount.

Earlier, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman called bitcoin an inefficient way of transferring value.

Mar 7th, 2018 09:55:18